How a resume will help you to bag OPT jobs?

by Administrator 22. June 2017 08:30

Why should you have a good impressive resume? Is a resume enough to get the job? A resume is said to be a tool or a window to your next job which will help opportunities come to you. The importance of having a well-written professional resume is the need of the hour. The resume should be emphasized enough to create a good impression of ours which will be used to present it as a job applicant. A typical employer spends just a few seconds staring at the resume thus it is very important and imperative that the opt resume makes an impact.

This chance is given to you to capture the potential employer’s attention or it will be tossed away and not be pursued at all. Statistics show that an employer will only glance and reject it if it is not good. Fresher jobs for opt studentsare out there in plenty and there must be more effort in job seeking and applying for jobs regularly. This is the same process for students as well as visa holders such as H-1B, H4 EAD, CPT, J1 visa etc.

There is no point of getting a fake resume which happens more in the case of international OPT CPT candidates. They may face more dire consequences if there is any wrong info posted on their resume. If the DHS or any authority comes to know that fake resumes are being used then your visa may be in trouble and there are chances of deportation. One must be honest and trustworthy in writing the resume and present it with confidence in front of the interviewer.

For getting good interview chances or making the selection chances high the key factors are to focus on your resume for every job that you apply. You can seek the employer’s attention by highlighting the skills and what you can do for them. If you strengthen your resume then there are more chances that you get a shot at job interviews. Let your resume not run to more number of pages and keep it crisp and short. Try to make it concise and make sure you give your phone number which will help the companies to get in touch with you. List personal details in bare minimum and include more technical references and something that is apt for the job.  If you have a strong profile with many certifications on hand then you must mention all of that on your resume so that you get more attentions from recruiters.

Never give informal email Ids and give a good formal email id for all job-related correspondences. Make sure that you include your name in the email id. Make sure that you mention all the important points in bulleted format and mention all the core duties that you did on the job. Begin with the last job role that you have help to the oldest. Make sure that all the points that you write are readable. The key points must match all points in the resume for better validation. You can also highlight the skills that you are good at and familiar with. You can get all latest job alerts for H-1B visa holders as well as OPT on




US Green card waits no more! H1B’s see hope

by Administrator 21. June 2017 04:12

There are plenty of immigrants currently in the US who are awaiting the green cards and the wait has been like for ten years and no less. Many of immigrants come to the US on a full scholarship in various STEM degrees and having grown up in their native countries they pick up to study and get a career in the US leaving behind families, good job offers etc. all in the run to chase their dreams. Many are working in the US on H-1B employment and for years are still waiting for a green card which will give them full legal rights as a permanent resident. Meanwhile, they are on the H1B visa which only entitles them to work and live in the US but does not allow them to start his own company nor switch jobs.

It comes as a no brainer as they are having come to this country and much regret taking up full scholarships and coming to the US. There is a sense of despair and anxiety thanks to the changes that have become a regular affair and there are 2 million H1B visa holders in the country who are waiting for green cards and a majority is from India and China and is waiting for more than a decade. To get latest h1b as well as opt opportunitiesyou can logon to

Most of these immigrants have welcomed the new executive order by Mr. Trump last week to the federal departments who are overseeing the program to review it which may have led to the H1B visas being awarded to the highest paying as well as highest skilled jobs than to be awarded over a random lottery which is unfair. Their only hope is that the merit-based H1Bs will lead to merit-based green cards. Many have waited over 10 years of time and have opened their own firms once they got green cards.

Now coming to the perks of having a green card is that it can pave a path to naturalization and can become US citizens soon. H1B visas are aimed at foreign nationals who are in occupations that generally require specialized knowledge such as engineering, mathematics, science as well as computer programming. There is a lottery which happens every year where 65,000 visas are given out to another 20,000 is given in random to graduate student workers who are on f1 visa opt.

Most of them don’t know that H1B and green card system are technically separate as all the immigrants from India see that they are interconnected which is not. The number of green cards that can go to the people of one country is capped at only a few percentages without any regard to the size of the country’s population. There is a huge backlog of people who are in line especially India given to the population in India and the number of natives in the US who are waiting for green cards. That leaves so many of these immigrants who are stuck in H1B visa itself while they wait and many are like indentured servants to the US working in various industries.

There are many people who have US born children who may be forced to take back their family to India if they lose their h1b visa jobs if they cannot find one quickly. Most of the immigrants are living in constant fear and many H1B holders suspect that the employers are employing them as they know that they will wait for green cards and won’t leave the employer since the H1B visa is tied to one specific employer. In order to switch the employers the visa employee must secure the paperwork from their current employer and then find another employer who is willing to take over the visa.


Why interviews are too tough for technical jobs?

by Administrator 29. May 2017 03:16

Explain to an 8-year-old about how the modem or router works. Tell me what came first? The Egg or the chicken. Flummoxed by these questions in an IT interview? Yes, such questions are mostly asked in tech interviews in the US for full-time jobs for opt students in top firms like Apple, Samsung etc. If you are aware of the answer, then assume that you are going to progress to the next round or you can kiss your chances goodbye.


Why are these interviews just getting tougher?


Yes! questions of any sort are being asked in almost all top companies which are a product as well as service based such as Oracle, Apple, Microsoft etc. And each one of them has their own set of policies as well as ratings when it comes to setting up of difficulty levels and scorings and also when it comes to setting up of technical as well as logical interviews. The user inputs are taken and analyzed and scoring is done based on how well they fare in interviews. The interview questioning levels are tough to crack and a lot of mental preparation and alertness is very much needed. More than our technical skills the ability to think in a different way and best way within the time frame is all that is needed.


There are many firms who are out there seeking to recruit for full-time as well as part-time opt jobs as they are cheaper to recruit and also most of the jobs need STEM candidates. Since it is a win-win situation for both they will also get job experience and also the work culture. You also get a chance to get interviewed by the best corporations out there and get to know the various rounds of interview. There are companies who conduct 20 rounds of interview to select the best person from the lot.


Why are the skills also getter tougher?


With the wide penetration of networks, the internet also boomed along with the rise of so many technical skills as well as technologies. Keeping up with every new skill in the market is getting costlier too and putting together the best energy that we have we have to pursue one with utmost dedication and care. Choosing the correct one is also equally tougher for us. Companies are also moving at high speeds and acquiring the best equipment and want best men to perform their jobs at the right speed. Finding the perfect is also getting tougher and sometimes recruiting a fresher will seem to be more fruitful that taking an experienced guy. Training the new hire who is on opt employment is quite easy than taking an experienced guy and training him on something that is not his cup of tea. Getting the best cheap alternative is what all companies should look for in order to evolve and grow.


Since all these are so interlinked and since quality is the first priority nowadays recruiting the cream and the best is possible only when the interview gets fierce and competition is there. Many companies are not able to record excellent results because if you want to sit firmly on the top the base has to be the best and that is what the successful corporations are all doing.

More Scrutiny for people going abroad to the US

by Administrator 23. May 2017 04:02

The administration in the US had taken such drastic steps in the last 2 months and new rules are being formed and implemented. With the new visa screening that is going to get held across the applicant has to share all personal details such as emails, social media accounts, phone numbers etc. that he has used in the last five years. As the people are applying for visa sponsorship jobs  in the US through work visa as well as business visa, private visa. 

The US has stricter norms that will be brought into and it has also instructed all diplomatic missions to identify the possible groups and the need for extra scrutiny and to also adopt a rigorous vetting and screening process for issuing visas of all nationalities. Even the people who are applying for a visa which includes work, tourist or business visas will be asked to furnish all the details of their residence, employment for a period of 15 years as well as phone numbers that they have used in the previous five years. This was a revised cable that was issued by the new president the moment he signed the new executive order banning travel from the six Muslim-majority countries on March 6.

The order says that such kind of additional protocols have come so as to prevent the entry of foreign nationals who may aid or support criminal or terrorist acts and also ensure that only those come in who are safe enough. This comes in close heels when the new administration has put new rules for h1b jobs last month where only specialty jobs were given more preference.  It is not however; clear that this move will impact Indians on the huge. You can search and apply for h1b jobs as well as opt jobson

The classified pages also call for all the overseas diplomatic posts that they should have a set of criteria for rigorous vetting process for all visas to foreign nationals. It has also instructed the visa issuing officers to ask additional questions to be asked of the applicants which may range from personal to private info. Also, there have been a lesser number of interviews that one visa officer can take in a day. It is to ensure that proper focus must be given to each of the application and scrutinized well such that it can restrict people from traveling and not more than 120 interviews can be taken in a day for one consular adjudicator in a day. So, all the pending applications must be cleared off and at the same time, it was acknowledged that it might result in backlogs of interview appointments.

The consular offices must not hesitate to refuse or hesitate to deny any case in case they see a security concern or breach.  All the decisions that are to be taken for a visa are for national security decisions and since the immigration attorneys will be seeing that the visa issuing process will see a slowdown in the visa issuing process as well as result in huge backlogs. Since there will be a slowdown in screening processes this will impose a substantial burden on the applicants as it will make it harder and create more delays substantially. In 2016 alone 12 million non-immigrant visas were issued and more than 620,000 immigrant visas.

New Row rocks US over H-1B’s

by Administrator 21. May 2017 23:31



During the presidential campaign last year, the new President of USA had assailed the skilled worker visa program that was used to send foreigners to the US from other countries. Later in, his inaugural speech he said that the country will follow the two simple rules namely Buy American and Hire American. So many wondered as to how quickly or how much could Mr. Trump change the regulations? Yes, true to the words the first draft for the amendment of the existing visa rules for h1b visa jobs was filed in January and in the first week of April it comes into effect.

In the Trump era, it is being led by rambunctious democracies which is also led by populists and focusses primarily on economic growth and fighting radical Islam. As the president is looking forward to helping American workers his administration is mainly considering a broad review of the visa program. Speculation about the so-called h1b visas sent many top companies stocks tumbling last week and technology sector is so crucial not only for the US but also the other countries as it is creating jobs for the fast-growing and young workforce which is a top priority.

There is a general sense of despair in the industry and since the cost of hiring the people on h1b visas would increase thus hurting the tech companies bottom line. America is also the main customer and it has accounted for more than 60% of India’s outsourcing sales last year according to NASSCOM which is the Indian industry lobby group. An executive draft has also been prepared to get a clear idea in specifics like a report within a few months on the kind of injury that has been caused to the US workers by the international workers who are on h1b sponsorship jobs and a reconsideration of how to give and mark the visa’s so as to ensure only the best and the brightest get a chance.

The government grants 85,000 visas every year for a broad range of occupations and the people who get it can stay in the country for up to 6 years. Even the first lady of US Mrs. Melania who hails from Slovenia had one when she set foot on US soil in the 90’s as a fashion model. The top occupations are however tech based and more than 70% of the recipients are Indians followed by Chinese. Most of the critics say that the program is abused as most of the companies are contracting out the jobs to consulting firms to bring lower-paid workers from overseas like Asian countries. Employees on H1b visas are not able to change their employers and are having very little leverage to negotiate their salaries.

Since the existing visa program is allowing companies to fill the skill shortages as well as encouraging the students with high degrees to stay in the US. Many argue that the administration should first address the skill shortages and train the American workers and develop a quicker path to also providing permanent residency for International talent. Without taking these sets just by restricting h1b visa would mean more tech jobs will the US. Most of the governments want more visas to be issued and not less and since the visa fees were hiked in 2015 and many have even challenged the immigration laws. US must not forget that the software industry’s role in building and maintaining the information infrastructure of major US corporations by many international employees is critical to their success.

Think twice before getting into a full time or contract H1B jobs

by Administrator 15. May 2017 05:51


The H1B petition that is being filed every year for employees can take up jobs which are both full-time as well as part-time. There are no such criteria that demand to work for fixed number of hours but it is possible to have multiple H-1B employers. Yes, it is quite possible provided they submit their own H1B petition. Also, depending on whether OPT CPT candidates after their opt jobs will apply for H-1B and now they are in a dilemma whether to choose a full time or contract job. Both these have their own pros and cons and the choice is quite equivocal in nature.

There are few things that need to be kept in mind while you are on a part-time H1B visa as there are no minimum number of hours to work on a normal day. Any kind of work that is less than 35 hours a week will come under a part-time job that is the candidate must work for at least a minimum of 15 to 20 hours a week. A certain section of people prefers to take up work on contract basis for a temporary period because they consider working on contract jobs as safe due to the factor that involves such as the money and the freedom to leave the job by accepting a new job offer anytime when it comes up. Most of the best full-time h1b visa sponsorship jobs are always better than contract jobs and are be a better option.

Contract jobs are said to be risky if the person is especially on a US H1B visa. Even though you tend to earn more on a contract based job the risk is comparatively high and the main factors that are considered are the risks that are involved in the rejection of H1B visa stamping and not getting a visa extension. The visa stamping process is much stricter and it is better if you apply for full-time jobs.

Most of the international candidates who are going to the US on an H1B visa with the family are wanting to have peace of mind and these people prefer a full-time job. If the company is not doing well then, the drawback of having a full-time job can lead to employment and despite you holding a contract job which is paying you double then even there you have instability. There is also a lot of stress that is involved in part-time jobs. If the person is expelled from a full-time job on the H1B visa then there is a compulsion for him to find the next one in a fixed number of days. If they are under the H1B visa and are unable to find a job then they must leave USA and go. Whereas if he is on a contract job despite the person being laid off his H1B

will still be active under the employer’s name and this will help the person to gain more time to find a new job. For a full time and contract based jobs in the US login to and register to avail the services. 

What is this “Buy American and Hire American” for current H-1B’s?

by Administrator 9. May 2017 08:44


Earlier this week the new President of the US visited a manufacturing firm in WI and signed an executive order which said Buy American and Hire American. Now, what is the main purpose of this order? What does this order have? Are there any new set of legislations yet to take place? Are there any new legal immigration issues yet to be notified and changed? Yes, indeed more changes are expected to follow up and how the changes will be implemented across is what this blog is focused on.

One of the main purposes of this order is to recommend the government and the lawmakers to draft new laws to reform the legal immigration system. The concern of the new administration is with regard to the widespread abuse of the US H-1B visa from many outsourcing firms which are primarily based in India and have operating offices in the US who offer h1b sponsorship. This news was sudden and unexpected as this had really brought a scare to all the several non-US citizens or immigrants who have applied for H-1B this year. The USCIS has reportedly received about 199,000 applications so far and the ones who are selected will be notified in the coming weeks and many would have already known by now.

Now, what is expected to happen? Firstly the order has just been passed and whether it will be really coming into effect nobody knows. What has been signed is just an order that is encouraging the government as well as the lawmakers to come forward with all the recommendations over the next two to three months with new legislative packages for legal immigration. But the bills need to go through the congress to get it approved and as the president alone cannot pass the bill or come into reality.

Although there is majority in congress for GOP it may still take many months to come into reality and most of the GOP lawmakers have already drafted a law that says that they are yet to review the visa as well as legal immigrations in general with a senator from Arkansas in the front line and as far as the skilled immigrant visa is being debated, the idea is to privilege to be given is to highly skilled immigrants who hold a graduate degree as well as who can perform tougher as well as highly paid jobs. The main target is to cancel the lottery system which takes place every year as always and doesn’t want it to take place this year.

What about the h1b visa jobs that is out now? Will the current set of H-1B visa applicants be affected in any way? Will it be the same like the last few years? What is likely to happen in the future? It is fully possible that the H-1B lottery that has taken place this month will be the last one of its kind for this type of visa. In addition to all this, the new eligibility requirements will be introduced so that the outsourcing firms are discouraged from abusing the H-1B program and only the highly qualified ones are eligible to even get the visas. Let us just hope for the best for all and work harder to achieve our goals. 


Know how to make transition from OPT to H-1B

by Administrator 12. April 2017 06:38

When an international student comes to the US he comes here with two motives. One is to study and the other one is to get a job and settle here. Since he is a non-immigrant and international student he has to face choices once he completes his studies and regarding future employment. He comes here on a student visa F-1 and later if he wants to take up a job then he will be applying for OPT which is optional practical training. If he does not want a job he is free to return to his home country and put his skills to better use. However, maximum students look for job opportunity to work in the United States.


We will be giving you first an overview of the employment options that are available to the F-1 student who has just graduated or completed graduation and also, we will be addressing the possibility of obtaining a work permit and the transition.




F1 to OPT transition


The moment the F1 student finishes his graduation then he must know what is OPT and how the students who are studying with an F1 visa are eligible to seek opt employmentor work in the US on an OPT visa program. This program helps the student to apply the knowledge that he/she has gained through the course by practical work experience. It can be full or part time and anywhere in the US and must be directly related to the field of study.

The F-1 student may be applying for OPT to use during the vacation periods that is during the academic year or after completing the studies. Sometimes even the student who is pursuing master or Ph.D. can submit a thesis or a dissertation requirement and immediately apply for opt upon the completion. To be eligible for the OPT, the student must be enrolled for a full course of study for one year at least and the authorization can take up to 90 days to come by.


Thus the work can commence only after BCIS approves the application. Once the student finishes his/her duration of OPT then he/she may no longer stay in the US without a visa status change. The common step that the students take here is to change his/her status to H-1B the moment they get an h1b visa sponsorship jobsthus converting from F-1 to OPT and then to H-1B visa status.


OPT to H-1B transition


Students who come here to study in the US come with a goal of working here after they complete their degrees. The H-1B was primarily designed so as to help the F1 students to get jobs. There is also a separate H-1B quota, especially for international students. Most of the students first use the OPT program as an interim measure as then go for H-1B but some F-1 students are lucky enough and change their status directly from a student to H-1B by getting suitable h1b visa jobswith companies.


Since the H-1B visa is used to only give a temporary worker status to the person who is a professional and holds a four-year degree or the equivalent in the experience. The status of an H-1B is initially granted for only 3 years and can be extended up to six years. If the person wishes to change the employer, then the new employer must file a new petition on behalf of him. The employee may then start working for a new employer as soon as the new employer has successfully filed their petition and received by the USCIS.


Best way to bag OPT jobs for international students

by Administrator 5. April 2017 02:59

Every year a few hundred and thousands of International students line up to go to the US and the numbers are only increasing day by day in the US and at some point, they are asked about their future and must have fair ideas as to what they want to do the day they graduate. After graduating finding a job is the topmost priority for most of them and it is not an easy process for international students nowadays. The US President has also planned to scrap the OPT system but we all know that they are just rumors with no fire.  Also, the problem which they face of staying in the U.S. after their graduation on an F-1 visa without a job is like having a driver with no car to run. So, we are here to help you out to get the best opt employment in the US and how to master the niche skills that will help you to get an H-1B job easily on transiting. You must meanwhile register on the main job providing sites and update your resume and skills for all the latest job alerts.

Here are a few tips for all you people out there struggling to get an opt job.

1)    Resume: The most important part where these two or three pages will decide whether your resume is going inside the company or not. Yes! This is said to be the most important thing that is going to shape all your future years. Be sure to mention all your top skills briefly and bullet all the main points. The need for having a crisp resume is a must as well as the interviewer will only spend few seconds scrutinizing your resume and deciding whether you are the right fit. Undergo proper OPT training for any technical skills if you feel you lag something as there are many providers who provide training as well as a job.

2)    Networking: This refers to finding out more from your seniors and peers as to how to get the best jobs in the market. You must go and ask your seniors who are already placed for referring you to jobs in the companies that they work for. Also, knowing which skills are currently in demand is most important and proper training and certification must be taken. You can also get the job skills for international students with volunteer work.

3)    Applying for jobs: Now the simple point to be noted here is not job is going to come knocking to you in the US. You will not be having campus placements where companies will visit the campus and recruit students even if you are studying in an ivy league university. You must apply for opt jobs on portals and wait to get shortlisted for further interviews. Some companies do visit the campuses but they only pick some opt resumes and go but do not conduct any interviews on the campus. If the student matches the profile then they may call them for an interview.

4)    Location based jobs: You can look out for location based jobs that are in states such as New York, Texas and California as it has good reputation of being friendly and presence of more number of immigrants. Also, the most important part here is to apply for city or location specific jobs to get maximum calls and offers. You can also relocate to the places where more number of recruitments are happening and apply for jobs.

5)    Internship: Choosing to do an internship is the best thing as there are plenty of companies out there who are recruiting international students as they can pay less when compared to a US national. If the student does well then there are chances of them getting absorbed too in the same company in a permanent position.

6)    Go and speak to the career planner or the career cell in your university: All top universities have a dedicated student centers or career cells. You must approach them to help you to find a job once you finish your graduation. They will also help you to connect with the alumni who will help you to network and fetch jobs. Many may refer you for job interviews at the companies they work for.

7)    Apply for OPT: This is the first thing that the student needs to do if he wants to stay back in the US and work. OPT for f1 students is available for those who apply for opt work permit. This is the best opportunity that he/she can utilize as it gives them practical training in the same field as their study. For STEM OPT you can work up to 29 months and for non-STEM, you can work up to 12 months. You also get paid for doing a job and the companies need not file for any extra visa or money to employ you and this is the best way for many companies to employ foreign students. A small part of a fee may be charged in case you want to get trained too.

The above are some sure shot ways of getting placed and getting optional practical training jobs in the US. Keep the above points in mind and make your career moves. 



An analysis of the data and trends of international students who are on OPT in the USA

by Administrator 30. March 2017 08:23

The year opened with executive draft orders by the Trump administration in the USA banning all people from 7 countries who are predominantly from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. It has sent shockwaves and most of the students are alarmed by this sudden state of change in the political landscape that could change their future careers. The president also has given inputs that he may ban H-1B visas who are below the 100k salary range and it has many international students from reconsidering their travel plans to study in the US.

There are even some draft orders that are focusing on limiting the legal immigration and for protecting the American jobs and workers. Among these, there are also several provisions that are for more employment-based visas and for Optional Practical Training (OPT). It states that they will reconsider the existing ways to process the H-1B visa in a more efficient manner and make sure that the beneficiaries will be the brightest as well as the best.

It also proposes that there needs to be a change that needs to brought to the existing OPT program that is encouraging foreign students to take up work after they finish their graduation which is affecting and disadvantaging the U.S. students in the workforce. It is to protect the US citizens and to bring about integrity to the student visa program and monitor foreign students. The order aims to reverse the extension that was given the OPT employment as well as allowing the spouses of H-1B workers to have work permits by Mr. Obama in his previous stint as President. Though the bill has only been tabulated, it has not come to effect yet and there is no assurance that it will be passed.

The duration of the OPT was initially for only one year. But later in the year, 2008 DHS had approved a further extension of 17 months for all the students who are graduating with a degree in STEM which is science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Again, in the year 2016, the period was extended from 17 months to 24 months for STEM graduates.

Optional Practical Training is very much useful as well as effective and a highly attractive program that allows the international students to seek employment of their choice. As it helps them to get work experience which also enriches them for their educational learning as well as recover his education expenses that have occurred. He ends up paying 20 lakhs to 40 lakhs depending on the college and the rating for his/her graduation that he must recover which is possible only by working in opt jobs. Even the employers gain by bringing in global talent and can fully explore their skillsets before both the candidate as well as the employer decide the future steps for an employment visa.

Now this STEM OPT extension was a welcome move especially for international students who are enrolled in master’s programs in computer science and engineering. The data in 2016 who are enrolled in STEM programs are Indian students who formed a chunk by a staggering 83% followed by 75% Iranian students, 40% students from Saudi Arabia and 40% were Chinese students.

The trends related to the existing OPT during all the 8 years is as the above regarding the number of enrollments. There is a hike of at least 100k more than the year 2008 when you compare to present day. Due to the increased number of enrolled trends in the recent years, it has only contributed well to the US economy.

OPT is giving global opportunities for all the candidates as it is complementing their academic curriculum with the desired practical skills. Since only a limited number of H-1B visas are being handed out to all the international students who are graduating with advanced degrees from the US, many return home after their study. Since the increase in extension of OPT came as a welcome relief as OPT provided a good opportunity to work there for more time and recover their money too.

Since OPT is helping the students to get a job, International students have contributed million and billions of money to the US economy. So, therefore, any policy that is aimed at destabilizing the prospects of the work experience will hurt the economy of US very badly and the institutions will be worst hit as they rely more on the international student admissions than the native Americans. The fee structure is also very different and double or triple the usual amount for the international student. 










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