H1B Document Checklist for OPT Students

 Are you an OPT student just getting started on H1-B process?  Below check list will help you stay organized.

  1. An original passport or a notarized copy of your passport.
  2. A current resume including your a detailed history of your employment for the last six years. This should specifically include the name of your employers, addresses, and dates of employment.
  3. Original I-94 Card or copy notarized on the front and back and copies of your current immigration status (OPT EAD Card)
  4. Original college degree and any certified transcripts from your school
  5. Original credentials evaluation (Your immigration lawyers usually can help with this)
  6. Any W-2 forms for the past five years, if any exist
  7. Most recent pay stubs  from your current employer (Last three months), if there are any!
  8. Your present address & Phone numbers
  9. Your previous foreign address
  10. Your social security number.
  11. Copies of any existing employment agreements or contracts or offers of employment. (Your employer and immigration lawyers can take care of this)
  12. A detailed employment description including job duties and job title.