Indian Tech sector badly Hit as New H1B causes uncertainty

IT firms all over like Infosys. CTS, Tech Mahindra have all announced redundancies this year and analysts predict that there may be massive restructuring as well as a string of layoffs expected this year which may continue for the coming two years. The companies are planning massive level restructuring that is taking the world by storm and both employees as well as industry analysts are worried about the future of the sector.

The h1b sponsorship will also come down as the industry wants local hiring in more numbers.

A recent report also suggested that at least 200k people who are in software are expected to lose their jobs over the next three years and according to local media reports h1b sponsoring companies and tech giants like Infosys, CTS etc. had plans to lay off senior level employees bases on the performance and the company also has plans to recruit at least 10K local Americans over the next two years a move which analysts say that will please the new president.

This seems to be a natural process for Indian IT to expand as well as strengthen their client offerings in the market as most of their businesses come from US based client. This will directly benefit the US workers who already are singing to the tunes of Trump’s America First strategy that are aimed at curbing immigration that too around the most sought-after US H-1B visa policy that is more likely to hurt the Indian IT sector that also forms a sturdy base in the country’s economy.

Indians account for nearly 70% of all the beneficiaries of the H-1B visa program and hence the president’s decision is to steer away this crowd and his new policies are sure to hurt Indian professionals as well as Indian software companies. Many are arguing that it does not seem like Indian firms are laying off in India so that they can hire in US but the sector in general is seen to be struggling as these companies have been giving very poor as well as disappointing earnings since a few quarters which has been the primary driver.

There are chances of greater automation and a shift from more mundane programming’s jobs as well to jobs that require more higher levels of engineering skills in artificial intelligence, machine learning as well as newer fields. When this happens the benefit of cost savings by hiring in cheaper nations is most likely eclipsed by skill requirements. That is the main reason where product based companies are not outsourcing most of the jobs to India as they have most of, many of workers in US.

There is skills shortage in India for these types of complex jobs and though there are lot of engineering students who are graduating. they are not highly qualified and may not able to handle the skillset that is required. Though the ground reality of massive downsizing is there, it has a hurtful impact on the morale of employees. Though performance based appraisals are happening every year, this year many are feeling the heat and everyone is bit concerned about their jobs. For H1B related job alerts go to



How a resume will help you to bag OPT jobs?

Why should you have a good impressive resume? Is a resume enough to get the job? A resume is said to be a tool or a window to your next job which will help opportunities come to you. The importance of having a well-written professional resume is the need of the hour. The resume should be emphasized enough to create a good impression of ours which will be used to present it as a job applicant. A typical employer spends just a few seconds staring at the resume thus it is very important and imperative that the opt resume makes an impact.

This chance is given to you to capture the potential employer’s attention or it will be tossed away and not be pursued at all. Statistics show that an employer will only glance and reject it if it is not good. Fresher jobs for opt studentsare out there in plenty and there must be more effort in job seeking and applying for jobs regularly. This is the same process for students as well as visa holders such as H-1B, H4 EAD, CPT, J1 visa etc.

There is no point of getting a fake resume which happens more in the case of international OPT CPT candidates. They may face more dire consequences if there is any wrong info posted on their resume. If the DHS or any authority comes to know that fake resumes are being used then your visa may be in trouble and there are chances of deportation. One must be honest and trustworthy in writing the resume and present it with confidence in front of the interviewer.

For getting good interview chances or making the selection chances high the key factors are to focus on your resume for every job that you apply. You can seek the employer’s attention by highlighting the skills and what you can do for them. If you strengthen your resume then there are more chances that you get a shot at job interviews. Let your resume not run to more number of pages and keep it crisp and short. Try to make it concise and make sure you give your phone number which will help the companies to get in touch with you. List personal details in bare minimum and include more technical references and something that is apt for the job.  If you have a strong profile with many certifications on hand then you must mention all of that on your resume so that you get more attentions from recruiters.

Never give informal email Ids and give a good formal email id for all job-related correspondences. Make sure that you include your name in the email id. Make sure that you mention all the important points in bulleted format and mention all the core duties that you did on the job. Begin with the last job role that you have help to the oldest. Make sure that all the points that you write are readable. The key points must match all points in the resume for better validation. You can also highlight the skills that you are good at and familiar with. You can get all latest job alerts for H-1B visa holders as well as OPT on




US Green card waits no more! H1B’s see hope

There are plenty of immigrants currently in the US who are awaiting the green cards and the wait has been like for ten years and no less. Many of immigrants come to the US on a full scholarship in various STEM degrees and having grown up in their native countries they pick up to study and get a career in the US leaving behind families, good job offers etc. all in the run to chase their dreams. Many are working in the US on H-1B employment and for years are still waiting for a green card which will give them full legal rights as a permanent resident. Meanwhile, they are on the H1B visa which only entitles them to work and live in the US but does not allow them to start his own company nor switch jobs.

It comes as a no brainer as they are having come to this country and much regret taking up full scholarships and coming to the US. There is a sense of despair and anxiety thanks to the changes that have become a regular affair and there are 2 million H1B visa holders in the country who are waiting for green cards and a majority is from India and China and is waiting for more than a decade. To get latest h1b as well as opt opportunitiesyou can logon to

Most of these immigrants have welcomed the new executive order by Mr. Trump last week to the federal departments who are overseeing the program to review it which may have led to the H1B visas being awarded to the highest paying as well as highest skilled jobs than to be awarded over a random lottery which is unfair. Their only hope is that the merit-based H1Bs will lead to merit-based green cards. Many have waited over 10 years of time and have opened their own firms once they got green cards.

Now coming to the perks of having a green card is that it can pave a path to naturalization and can become US citizens soon. H1B visas are aimed at foreign nationals who are in occupations that generally require specialized knowledge such as engineering, mathematics, science as well as computer programming. There is a lottery which happens every year where 65,000 visas are given out to another 20,000 is given in random to graduate student workers who are on f1 visa opt.

Most of them don’t know that H1B and green card system are technically separate as all the immigrants from India see that they are interconnected which is not. The number of green cards that can go to the people of one country is capped at only a few percentages without any regard to the size of the country’s population. There is a huge backlog of people who are in line especially India given to the population in India and the number of natives in the US who are waiting for green cards. That leaves so many of these immigrants who are stuck in H1B visa itself while they wait and many are like indentured servants to the US working in various industries.

There are many people who have US born children who may be forced to take back their family to India if they lose their h1b visa jobs if they cannot find one quickly. Most of the immigrants are living in constant fear and many H1B holders suspect that the employers are employing them as they know that they will wait for green cards and won’t leave the employer since the H1B visa is tied to one specific employer. In order to switch the employers the visa employee must secure the paperwork from their current employer and then find another employer who is willing to take over the visa.