Increase seen in wages of High-skilled foreign workers in the US

We all know recent reports of how the rules are being changed in the US regarding US H-1B visaand there was a bill that was to be passed too in favor of increasing the wages of the existing immigrant workers. The bill was however shot down and the good news for all is that presently High-skilled foreign workers are now receiving good salaries by their employers. Many tech firms all over the US are now giving more lucrative job offers to all says a study.

The median salary that was given to the workers of h1b visa sponsorship jobswas at $60,000 a year until recently and now it has increased to $80,000 a year when compared to the old figures. The pay rise for highly skilled personnel was coupled to which lead to an increase in demand according to USCIS statistics.

One of the most generous pay that was offered by US technology companies for foreign workers on h1b visa sponsorship were Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Apple who were leading the way with an average salary of $125K as per the study. CTS which is an IT firm based in New Jersey also had more than 20,000 applications approved for the fiscal last year when compared to other US firms.

The H-1B is a non-immigration visa that is granted to foreign workers who are highly skilled and employers who wish to hire them to apply for this visa on their behalf from the US Govt which are currently being granted through a lottery like a process and the white house is now drawing multiple plans to reform the program. Indians are said to be the top H-1B visa aspirants in the current fiscal year with more than 2.45 lakh applications. The total number works out to be at least 75% of the total applications until June 30th as the US fiscal year begins on October 1 and usually ends on September 30.

With Indians topping the list, China and Canada come close to it with respect to the number of applications. The US has received 3 lakh and above applications alone till June 30 of which only 1.90 lakh were approved. The USCIS which released the info said that there are many which are under pending approval. Most of the Indians are the ones who are flooding the portal as they get to benefit in terms of the numbers when it comes to visa approvals.

The technology sector continues to be the top contender for securing the visas and dominating the applications. This trend is set to continue owing to the current changes in the rules and the increase in wages is going to only increase the interest among people who wish to come to the US. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services or the USCIS has also begun different approaches to expand interviews so that it can focus on the benefits and allow the individuals to come into the country. When they conduct these in-person interviews then they can detect any frauds and for the sake of national security, they can make sure that only genuine people are granted a visa.



Indians: Top recipients for H-1B in 2017

With over some 2.5 lakh applications being sent to the h1b visa database, Indians are topping the lists as the highest number of H-1B aspirants and recipients till July this year. The number that is working out right now is standing at 75% of the total applications till June this year. The US fiscal year will begin on October 1 and end on September 30.

Indians continue to be one of the largest group of aspirants for the current fiscal year and the number of filings is more than 3 lakh this year.  The number of Chinese US H-1B visa aspirants are much lower in comparison to their number of applications are only at 36,362 which is their highest ever till June 30th over the past 10 years. A total of only 35,700 number of applications were only filed by the Chinese during the last years. Canada has come to slowly one-third with 3,550 number of applications till June 30 this year.

The US has also received some record 3.7 lakh applications for the visas till June end out of which 2 lakh visas have been approved and the USCIS has released this data and there are many applications that are still pending approval. While you look at the breakup of the applications for this year the data has not been released based on the country of birth but the old records show that for last year out of the 3.45 lakh applications that were approved last year 74% of them or let us say 2.56 lakh of them were from India. China was trailing next as the second with 9% which meant 31,995 approvals. A huge section of the senators has pointed out that Indians were seen flooding the application pool and yes, they do stand at getting more benefits when it comes to getting a huge number of visa approvals too.

From the year 2006 to present time the number of Indian Applications stands at 22 lakhs and the Chinese at 3 lakhs and those from the Philippines at 85K. There has been a decline of 70% applications for the Philippines and Canada comes at a close 5th in the list. Th number of people from India applying for H-1B has increased by 80% since 2006 to stand out at a close 3 lakhs in 2016.

The technology sector continues to be the number one sector for attracting scores of h1b sponsorshipand for dominating the H-1B visa applications. The top 5 firms like all of us know were granted to CTS, TCS, Wipro, Accenture, and Infosys. The average salaries of all the firms were also noted to be well below the minimum salary of the visa holders which presently stands at 130K as proposed in the reform bill. There are various arguments to saying that these firms are taking away a major chunk of visas directly and through their contractors and outsources fish for more candidates which are quoted to be disturbing and not beneficial to the people of US, though critics say otherwise. We are only hoping that in the coming years more opportunities open and people get a fair chance to immigrate and work in the US. Get job alerts now from

Startup visas to come down in the US after H-1B visa clampdown

After the recent US H-1B visaclampdown, the new administration is planning to clamp visas and tighten the immigration flows to the country. The US president is also making all the efforts to tighten immigration at all levels and is planning to rescind the Obama-era program that will allow foreign entrepreneurs to launch startup companies in the US which was known as the Startup Visas before.

After having constricted the existing H-1B visa immigration policies that are allowing the US companies to temporarily employ foreign nationals on h1b sponsorship, they are now working extra strict to restrict the visas that were given as startup visas. Many people have been benefitted by this as they could get easy passage to the US and able to follow their dreams. The program was also called as the International Entrepreneur Rule which allowed non-US nationals to launch companies that can also win $100K in government grants or could receive $250K worth in venture capital investment to support their stay in the US. The term of the stay was for a renewable 30-month term or an additional 3 years if the company continues to show growth and benefit the American public like an increase in capital investment, job creation, and revenue.

There is no clear-cut path to stay in the US for entrepreneurs as many first come into the country through h1b visa sponsorship jobs which the new administration is currently curtailing. To qualify for the visa, they must own at least 15% of the US startup and show the company’s growth potential and must be able to draw investments from other qualified American investors thus benefitting the significant public.

The hold to the existing rule was to come into effect in July this year after meeting with top American leaders and the administration announced that the program will be delayed until next March saying that the Department of Homeland Security must give an additional review of the program. Many CEO erupted and called that the cancellation of the program is a big mistake as the immigrant entrepreneurs are job makers only and not job takers. There are many who are unhappy with the new decisions and where there are many countries all over the world are going all the way to attract and to retain talented individuals by inviting them to come to their shores and build innovative ventures, here the administration is doing the exact opposite.



With the ban on the travel from the 6 Muslim majority countries already had drawn criticism from a huge swatch of companies like Amazon, Facebook etc. who lost many valuable employees in the process. The next one in line was the restrictive order passed for high skilled workers on H-1B visas. The nail in the coffin was the next ones restricting the possibility of new entrepreneurs from joining the industry. The economy and the job growth will only be grown and there will be fewer benefits as the US will keep losing more ground by the negative efforts in attracting entrepreneurs and their investments. All fingers are crossed for this one and we are only hoping something best must happen for all in the future. For all OPT and H-1B related jobs you can now check