What you mean by CPT?

What actually is Curricular Practical Training?

 Curricular practical training (CPT) refers to an employment outside the campus, which is related directly to the area of your study. The sole aim of curricular practical training is intended not to support the approval for employment.  Instead, it is meant to permit students to carry out training, which is closely related to their recognized curriculum and is the key   to attaining an academic goal.

 Who are all entitled to Curricular Practical Training?

In order to get entitled to CPT, you need to have employment which is connected with the established curriculum of your academic program and within the course of study of the student. The CPT may be accepted for either part-time or for full-time employment, which is based on the requirements of curriculum. Moreover, the students ought to have a reference in writing from the student’s academic advisor and also an employment offer from a curriculum-authorized job provider. Generally, the students should adhere to a full-time academic enrollment when doing employment on CPT, not including the vacation periods. 

Before the beginning of employment, the students are required to get the approval from the Adviser of International Students and Scholar Office(ISSO) who documents the student’s employment in Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) and gives a fresh I-20 Form bearing a note that allows the student to take part in the CPT. Moreover, the students should apply again to the ISSO whenever they change the job providers, expand or cut down their working hours, or stretch the duration of their period of employment

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