Diverse kinds of OPT employment

Forms of employment that are permitted for routine pre- OPT and post-completion OPT

All types of OPT job needs to be in an employment that is connected with the degree program of the student. The employment which comes under the pre- or the post-completion OPTS may encompass:

·         Paid job. Students might be working part time (for a minimum of 20 hours every week while they are on post-completion OPT) or work full time.

·         Numerous job providers. The students may be able to do work for multiple employers, but all the employment ought to be connected with the degree program of every individual student and the pre-completion OPT is not permitted to go beyond the permissible cumulative hours per week.

·         Short-term manifold job providers (the performing artists). Those students who are engaged as musicians or any other types of performing arts, can do work for more than one job provider who is short term hirers (gigs). The student ought to keep a record of all gigs, the dates as well as the duration of employment.

·         Work for employment. This is generally referred to also as 1099 hiring wherein a person extends a service on the basis of a contractual association instead of a job relationship. In case a request is made by DHS, the students must be ready to offer the proof indicating the time period of the contract duration and the name as well as the address of the contracting firm.

·         Self-employed enterprise owner. The students while on their OPT are facilitated to begin a business and remain self-employed. The student ought to be in a position to certify to the effect that he or she holds the valid license for doing business and is vigorously involved in a business which is connected with the degree program of the student.

·         Getting hired through an organization or consulting company. The students while on post-completion OPT must be in a position to offer proof to the effect that they did work for an average of a minimum of 20 hours every week during their employment through the agency.

·         Voluntary employment.  The students are able to do work in a voluntary capacity or as unpaid interns, where such a practice is not in violation to any of the work regulations. The work ought to be for a minimum of 20 hours every week for those students who are on post-completion OPT. A student must be in a position to offer adequate proof, accessed from the employer of the student, to prove that the student had been employed for a minimum period of 20 hours each week during the course of getting employed.



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