How to Make an Application For CPT

How should I apply for the Curricular Practical Training?

In order to make an application for CPT, the student should get the authorization from below mentioned persons and also should take the below mentioned  letters to their concerned International student Office minimum of one month before  the beginning of anticipated employment: A few school have varied deadlines, so verify with your concerned International student office.

A letter  received  the job provider which has mentioned the begin as well as close dates of work, job details, number of hours every week, address of employment  location, in addition to the  name of the supervisor

A letter received from the academic advisor describing that the work experience is very essential element of academic program and is needed from all students.

Moreover, you must enquire with the concerned International student officer if he/she requires any extra evidences from your side and take care to collect all the papers before a minimum of 1 to 2 months of your CPT begin date

How to make the CPT Application:

Step 1: You ought to have a letter of offer from your potential job provider which CLEARLY specifies the following:

1.      Available job title is a provisional internship position

2.      Precise dates of work

3.      Nature of employment you will be getting engaged in

4.      Locality (with street address) of where you need to work

Step 2: You should get enrolled in an internship credits or in a class (es) relating for the internship at the Nevada University, Reno

Step 3: You should have a certification from the concerned academic advisor showing that the internship you would like to enroll is related directly to your domain of study. Page 2 of CPT Form.

Step 4: Once having finished doing all the 3 steps indicated above, you are required to get an appointment to  contact personally your International Student Advisor located  at the International Student affairs Office  or the  International student Services Office or International Student & faculty Office.

Step 5: During the appointment at OISS, you need to bring the below mentioned items:

1.      The offer letter for Internship received from your employer

2.      The Class schedule indicating your having joined  in a class(es) relating  to internship

3.      Reference letter received from the academic advisor

Step 6: At the time of your appointment, the International Student Advisor will do examination of your documents and once it is accepted, then you will get an approval for the CPT on the I-20.

·  Those F-1 students, who get the CPT, are not required to make an application for the EAD card from the USCIS; a CPT approval on your I-20 is the work authorization for you.

·  The employment is approved for ONE JOB PROVIDER ONLY.

PLEASE NOTE: The F-1 students who got a one year or even more full-time CPT are not eligible for the OPT after the completion of the program. You should not commence working prior to receiving the approval



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