Extension of STEM OPT

Extension of OPT

As per the  Interim Final Rule dated the 8th April 2008, those  F-1 students who are presently approved  for a OPT for 12-month period, and  who have successfully finished a bachelor’s, or master’s or a  doctoral degree in an area on the Designated Degree Program list of DHS STEM from a SEVIS-approved  US college or a university, and hold an employment -offer or are doing work by a job provider who is registered with  “E-Verify” federal job verification system, are able to make application  for an OPT extension for a period of  17-month extension.

When to make the Application

  •  A student will be able to make application for the STEM OPT extension for 17 months, 120 days before the close of the period of post-completion OPT till the termination date of the present OPT employment approval of the student. Students are suggested to file the application sufficiently early so that they can receive the fresh EAD prior to the close of the routine period of the OPT.
  • The extension for 17-month period is only feasible only one time in a lifetime; a student is regarded as in -eligible to get an extension more than one time, irrespective of the level of degree.
  •  This extension of period can be permitted only in an one 17 month duration; the duration of extension is not able to get “split” into 2 duration.
  •  The students who are on “pre-completion” OPT will be in-eligible for the extension.

Who are qualified?

A: In order to get qualified, you ought to be holding your status as F-1 and complete all the given below criteria:

  • You are authorized for your first 12 months allocation of post completion OPT.
  • You have kept your International Student Office current along with your physical address as well as the address of the employer.
  • You have not gone beyond 90 days of joblessness during on OPT.
  • You have accessed a BS, MS or PhD in a domain of STEM (Technology, Science, Engineering, and Mathematics)
  • Your presently employed, or have accessed an employment offer to do work, in a position which is directly connected with the degree got and for a job provider who takes part in  USCIS E-Verify mechanism.
  • You have not earlier accessed the extension for 17 month depending on an earlier degree.


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