Sustaining the Immigration Status on F1 Visa and J1 Visa


As a foreign student, it is essential to adhere to certain regulations connected with   your status as F-1 or J-1 non-immigrant status. Given here are a few things which you will be able to do in order to assist in maintaining your status:

  • Take care not to get expired your immigration documents

You need to watch out the expiry date mentioned on your I-20 or DS-2019. In case you are unable to finish your studies by the stipulated date, then, you should make a request for the extension of your document prior to its expiration. The application documents for F-1 as well as J-1 program extension are accessible at ISSS. Support students must keep in touch with their J-1 Program Officer for program extension application and related instructions.

  • Maintain your passport current

Similar to the case   regarding your documents for your immigration, you ought to maintain your passport current always. You need to keep in touch with your native country consulate or your country embassy for details for the extension of the legality of your passport.

  • Enroll for a full course of study

Generally, you must plan to enroll for a 12 credit hours during the fall as well as spring semesters. Summer enrolment is not obligatory, if you do not begin or finish your studies in summer. Click here for further information on this aspect.

  •  Try not to  work without approval

Always, you are required to access permission to do work, even if it is for on-campus employment at your School or in a University. In case you are employed off-campus on a F1 Status, then you must have CPT or OPT EAD. Keep in touch with your International Student Officer to get to know more relating to the work approval.

  •   Remember  not to work  for not more than  20 hours every week while the Fall and Spring semesters

In certain situations, you may get entitled to do work for over 20 hours each week. Yet, you must discuss with the ISSS staff member for further information.

  •   Inform  your home address not  later than 10 days after your shifting your residence

The F-1 as well as UIUC-supported J-1 students can do so by making current the UI Integrate to indicate the latest home address. The J-1 students who are supported by an outside organization should keep in touch with the J-1 sponsor of the program for instructions.  You need to take a note that you are required to offer   the address of the place you reside - P.O. box NO. or the address of the office!

  • Adhere to the  transfer processes in case you wish to start  a new program of study, shift the  area of study, or enroll in  a different school

You need to contact a staff member at the ISSS before the change, to decide what you need to do. All the time, you are required to consult your ISSS in case you have any queries relating to keeping up your status.

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    What documents do I need to submit to the company as an international F1-OPT student before starting my job ?? What all tax forms do I need to fill, what other forms would be required to be submitted to the company (The company which hired me is a startup and they don't know much about the paperwork for hiring an F1-OPT employee)??

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