Think twice before getting into a full time or contract H1B jobs


The H1B petition that is being filed every year for employees can take up jobs which are both full-time as well as part-time. There are no such criteria that demand to work for fixed number of hours but it is possible to have multiple H-1B employers. Yes, it is quite possible provided they submit their own H1B petition. Also, depending on whether OPT CPT candidates after their opt jobs will apply for H-1B and now they are in a dilemma whether to choose a full time or contract job. Both these have their own pros and cons and the choice is quite equivocal in nature.

There are few things that need to be kept in mind while you are on a part-time H1B visa as there are no minimum number of hours to work on a normal day. Any kind of work that is less than 35 hours a week will come under a part-time job that is the candidate must work for at least a minimum of 15 to 20 hours a week. A certain section of people prefers to take up work on contract basis for a temporary period because they consider working on contract jobs as safe due to the factor that involves such as the money and the freedom to leave the job by accepting a new job offer anytime when it comes up. Most of the best full-time h1b visa sponsorship jobs are always better than contract jobs and are be a better option.

Contract jobs are said to be risky if the person is especially on a US H1B visa. Even though you tend to earn more on a contract based job the risk is comparatively high and the main factors that are considered are the risks that are involved in the rejection of H1B visa stamping and not getting a visa extension. The visa stamping process is much stricter and it is better if you apply for full-time jobs.

Most of the international candidates who are going to the US on an H1B visa with the family are wanting to have peace of mind and these people prefer a full-time job. If the company is not doing well then, the drawback of having a full-time job can lead to employment and despite you holding a contract job which is paying you double then even there you have instability. There is also a lot of stress that is involved in part-time jobs. If the person is expelled from a full-time job on the H1B visa then there is a compulsion for him to find the next one in a fixed number of days. If they are under the H1B visa and are unable to find a job then they must leave USA and go. Whereas if he is on a contract job despite the person being laid off his H1B

will still be active under the employer’s name and this will help the person to gain more time to find a new job. For a full time and contract based jobs in the US login to and register to avail the services. 

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