More Scrutiny for people going abroad to the US

The administration in the US had taken such drastic steps in the last 2 months and new rules are being formed and implemented. With the new visa screening that is going to get held across the applicant has to share all personal details such as emails, social media accounts, phone numbers etc. that he has used in the last five years. As the people are applying for visa sponsorship jobs  in the US through work visa as well as business visa, private visa. 

The US has stricter norms that will be brought into and it has also instructed all diplomatic missions to identify the possible groups and the need for extra scrutiny and to also adopt a rigorous vetting and screening process for issuing visas of all nationalities. Even the people who are applying for a visa which includes work, tourist or business visas will be asked to furnish all the details of their residence, employment for a period of 15 years as well as phone numbers that they have used in the previous five years. This was a revised cable that was issued by the new president the moment he signed the new executive order banning travel from the six Muslim-majority countries on March 6.

The order says that such kind of additional protocols have come so as to prevent the entry of foreign nationals who may aid or support criminal or terrorist acts and also ensure that only those come in who are safe enough. This comes in close heels when the new administration has put new rules for h1b jobs last month where only specialty jobs were given more preference.  It is not however; clear that this move will impact Indians on the huge. You can search and apply for h1b jobs as well as opt jobson

The classified pages also call for all the overseas diplomatic posts that they should have a set of criteria for rigorous vetting process for all visas to foreign nationals. It has also instructed the visa issuing officers to ask additional questions to be asked of the applicants which may range from personal to private info. Also, there have been a lesser number of interviews that one visa officer can take in a day. It is to ensure that proper focus must be given to each of the application and scrutinized well such that it can restrict people from traveling and not more than 120 interviews can be taken in a day for one consular adjudicator in a day. So, all the pending applications must be cleared off and at the same time, it was acknowledged that it might result in backlogs of interview appointments.

The consular offices must not hesitate to refuse or hesitate to deny any case in case they see a security concern or breach.  All the decisions that are to be taken for a visa are for national security decisions and since the immigration attorneys will be seeing that the visa issuing process will see a slowdown in the visa issuing process as well as result in huge backlogs. Since there will be a slowdown in screening processes this will impose a substantial burden on the applicants as it will make it harder and create more delays substantially. In 2016 alone 12 million non-immigrant visas were issued and more than 620,000 immigrant visas.

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