Why interviews are too tough for technical jobs?

Explain to an 8-year-old about how the modem or router works. Tell me what came first? The Egg or the chicken. Flummoxed by these questions in an IT interview? Yes, such questions are mostly asked in tech interviews in the US for full-time jobs for opt students in top firms like Apple, Samsung etc. If you are aware of the answer, then assume that you are going to progress to the next round or you can kiss your chances goodbye.


Why are these interviews just getting tougher?


Yes! questions of any sort are being asked in almost all top companies which are a product as well as service based such as Oracle, Apple, Microsoft etc. And each one of them has their own set of policies as well as ratings when it comes to setting up of difficulty levels and scorings and also when it comes to setting up of technical as well as logical interviews. The user inputs are taken and analyzed and scoring is done based on how well they fare in interviews. The interview questioning levels are tough to crack and a lot of mental preparation and alertness is very much needed. More than our technical skills the ability to think in a different way and best way within the time frame is all that is needed.


There are many firms who are out there seeking to recruit for full-time as well as part-time opt jobs as they are cheaper to recruit and also most of the jobs need STEM candidates. Since it is a win-win situation for both they will also get job experience and also the work culture. You also get a chance to get interviewed by the best corporations out there and get to know the various rounds of interview. There are companies who conduct 20 rounds of interview to select the best person from the lot.


Why are the skills also getter tougher?


With the wide penetration of networks, the internet also boomed along with the rise of so many technical skills as well as technologies. Keeping up with every new skill in the market is getting costlier too and putting together the best energy that we have we have to pursue one with utmost dedication and care. Choosing the correct one is also equally tougher for us. Companies are also moving at high speeds and acquiring the best equipment and want best men to perform their jobs at the right speed. Finding the perfect is also getting tougher and sometimes recruiting a fresher will seem to be more fruitful that taking an experienced guy. Training the new hire who is on opt employment is quite easy than taking an experienced guy and training him on something that is not his cup of tea. Getting the best cheap alternative is what all companies should look for in order to evolve and grow.


Since all these are so interlinked and since quality is the first priority nowadays recruiting the cream and the best is possible only when the interview gets fierce and competition is there. Many companies are not able to record excellent results because if you want to sit firmly on the top the base has to be the best and that is what the successful corporations are all doing.

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