US Green card waits no more! H1B’s see hope

There are plenty of immigrants currently in the US who are awaiting the green cards and the wait has been like for ten years and no less. Many of immigrants come to the US on a full scholarship in various STEM degrees and having grown up in their native countries they pick up to study and get a career in the US leaving behind families, good job offers etc. all in the run to chase their dreams. Many are working in the US on H-1B employment and for years are still waiting for a green card which will give them full legal rights as a permanent resident. Meanwhile, they are on the H1B visa which only entitles them to work and live in the US but does not allow them to start his own company nor switch jobs.

It comes as a no brainer as they are having come to this country and much regret taking up full scholarships and coming to the US. There is a sense of despair and anxiety thanks to the changes that have become a regular affair and there are 2 million H1B visa holders in the country who are waiting for green cards and a majority is from India and China and is waiting for more than a decade. To get latest h1b as well as opt opportunitiesyou can logon to

Most of these immigrants have welcomed the new executive order by Mr. Trump last week to the federal departments who are overseeing the program to review it which may have led to the H1B visas being awarded to the highest paying as well as highest skilled jobs than to be awarded over a random lottery which is unfair. Their only hope is that the merit-based H1Bs will lead to merit-based green cards. Many have waited over 10 years of time and have opened their own firms once they got green cards.

Now coming to the perks of having a green card is that it can pave a path to naturalization and can become US citizens soon. H1B visas are aimed at foreign nationals who are in occupations that generally require specialized knowledge such as engineering, mathematics, science as well as computer programming. There is a lottery which happens every year where 65,000 visas are given out to another 20,000 is given in random to graduate student workers who are on f1 visa opt.

Most of them don’t know that H1B and green card system are technically separate as all the immigrants from India see that they are interconnected which is not. The number of green cards that can go to the people of one country is capped at only a few percentages without any regard to the size of the country’s population. There is a huge backlog of people who are in line especially India given to the population in India and the number of natives in the US who are waiting for green cards. That leaves so many of these immigrants who are stuck in H1B visa itself while they wait and many are like indentured servants to the US working in various industries.

There are many people who have US born children who may be forced to take back their family to India if they lose their h1b visa jobs if they cannot find one quickly. Most of the immigrants are living in constant fear and many H1B holders suspect that the employers are employing them as they know that they will wait for green cards and won’t leave the employer since the H1B visa is tied to one specific employer. In order to switch the employers the visa employee must secure the paperwork from their current employer and then find another employer who is willing to take over the visa.


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