How a resume will help you to bag OPT jobs?

Why should you have a good impressive resume? Is a resume enough to get the job? A resume is said to be a tool or a window to your next job which will help opportunities come to you. The importance of having a well-written professional resume is the need of the hour. The resume should be emphasized enough to create a good impression of ours which will be used to present it as a job applicant. A typical employer spends just a few seconds staring at the resume thus it is very important and imperative that the opt resume makes an impact.

This chance is given to you to capture the potential employer’s attention or it will be tossed away and not be pursued at all. Statistics show that an employer will only glance and reject it if it is not good. Fresher jobs for opt studentsare out there in plenty and there must be more effort in job seeking and applying for jobs regularly. This is the same process for students as well as visa holders such as H-1B, H4 EAD, CPT, J1 visa etc.

There is no point of getting a fake resume which happens more in the case of international OPT CPT candidates. They may face more dire consequences if there is any wrong info posted on their resume. If the DHS or any authority comes to know that fake resumes are being used then your visa may be in trouble and there are chances of deportation. One must be honest and trustworthy in writing the resume and present it with confidence in front of the interviewer.

For getting good interview chances or making the selection chances high the key factors are to focus on your resume for every job that you apply. You can seek the employer’s attention by highlighting the skills and what you can do for them. If you strengthen your resume then there are more chances that you get a shot at job interviews. Let your resume not run to more number of pages and keep it crisp and short. Try to make it concise and make sure you give your phone number which will help the companies to get in touch with you. List personal details in bare minimum and include more technical references and something that is apt for the job.  If you have a strong profile with many certifications on hand then you must mention all of that on your resume so that you get more attentions from recruiters.

Never give informal email Ids and give a good formal email id for all job-related correspondences. Make sure that you include your name in the email id. Make sure that you mention all the important points in bulleted format and mention all the core duties that you did on the job. Begin with the last job role that you have help to the oldest. Make sure that all the points that you write are readable. The key points must match all points in the resume for better validation. You can also highlight the skills that you are good at and familiar with. You can get all latest job alerts for H-1B visa holders as well as OPT on




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