Indians May Get Green Cards Faster Now

When Mr. Rahul Singh was offered a full scholarship to study at Stanford as a graduate in Computer Engineering he saw that it was a chance of a lifetime and having grown up in Delhi he has a good offer at a Software Firm after his undergraduate degree. He has opted to come to the USA and got his degree and now he is working as a Data Scientist in a top firm in Silicon Valley which converted his opt to h1b.


But for the past 7 years, he is eagerly waiting for his green card that will give him all the legal right as a resident or a citizen of US. He is on H-1B visa and on his h1b sponsorship job which permits him to live and work in the US but does not allow him to switch over to companies or to start his own firm. He is now regretting why he jumped on that scholarship and according to estimates there are 1.5 million H-1B visa holders who are in the US waiting for a green card and many whom are from India and waiting for more than a decade.

Most of them have welcomed the US executive orders last month who is overseeing the program to review it which says that the visa must be given to only to the highest-paying, highest-skilled jobs that through a random lottery. Green cards can be a path to naturalization and many hope to become US citizens soon.

Though the US H-1B visa and green card system are technically separate there are many immigrants from India who are not aware of this as they tend to think that both are intimately connected. The number of GC that go to people from each country is capped at few percent on the total, there is a huge backlog of Indian-born people in the line. This is leaving many immigrants stuck with H-1B visas while they wait, making them work like indentured servants on US soil.

There are many who have US born children and they will be forced to go back to their native countries if they lose their jobs and do not find another quickly. These children have never been to their parent’s native countries and they will not have much of a choice when it comes to going back and they cannot live in constant fear and the visa holder is usually stuck to one specific employer. Most of the H-1B visa holders know that employers seek them out because they know that they will end up waiting for green cards and will be afraid to leave their jobs.

Since the H-1B is tied to only one specific employer they must be applying for specific jobs that need sponsorship from the employer on their visa application. To switch from one employer to the other the visa holder must be securing the paperwork from current employer to another employer who is willing to take over their visa. Most of their executives worry that allocating the H-1B and green cards based on salary will hurt the startups who cannot afford to give high wages. It is good to focus on the most talented and most entrepreneurial people for immigration programs in the future and you can take the help of

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