Want to know why parents are wary of US admissions – Final Part

In my previous blog, we have mentioned as to how top prominent universities are the places where some of the top industrialists have studied and honed their skills. There has been a hike in admissions until last year before the presidential elections. We have seen how the scenario is changing over the current years and how most of the top ranked institutions are now immune and have not seen a decline in enrollment. The message from the US government, however, is clear as the safety and security are a primary concern at all the levels including the campuses.

Despite so many assurances from the US government, there are many concerns that have increased since Trump has taken over as the president and unease are quite palpable on various campuses. There are quite legitimate concerns under the president over the US H-1B visa and there are many former students who are having trouble in getting jobs after the student visa period is over. Many have moved up their unusual career paths by working in India or Europe for a year with global firms and then moving back to the US.

There are apprehensions regarding the enrollment of Indian students at many universities at many universities as well and so far the enrollment rates are flat and international students who are especially from India are taking their own time to join campuses in the US. There is time till August to make up their minds and take additional efforts towards their outreach. There are many colleges who are now reaching out to students on social media and other platforms to answer if they have any questions or queries regarding how to live on campus and the safety and work like opt jobs for international students.

There are many universities who have many undergrad and grad students who are from many countries and with the highest number of them enrolled in computers, telecom and in data analytics courses. They are also part of the outreach efforts and they volunteer for the international student’s office. In a normal class, most of the students are Indians and thus working in an overseas office will help him/her to connect with a larger community which will help them to a network when they start looking foropt jobs in USA.

There are many problems too that have been faced by students right now as many government agencies who turn out to be the largest employers are most unlikely to offer jobs or even internships to foreign students or even opt part time job in many areas like networking, cyber security etc. and this is against a backdrop of heightened security measures. Thus, after the coursework is over they may start looking for opportunities in private firms in Texas or Silicon Valley as they are the most flexible and more likely to pick up foreign talent.

There are many student associations at universities who are stepping up the efforts to help the student to keep abreast of immigration rules around the F1 student's visa status. Many still believe that the alumni network and the university will come to their help for the job search process despite many companies being cautious and sponsoring international students for H-1B visas and let us keep our fingers crossed now and students don’t have to worry too much despite political issues. 

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