Shock and Optimism In India To New Rules Of H-1B

There are many engineers who are seeking immigration opportunities and h1b visa sponsorshipin the US and who are looking out at the positive side of President Donald Trump’s executive order to restrict H-1B visas. A day after the president’s move the order will mostly impact the students who are about to pass out from poorly ranked colleges. There are many companies employing people who are passing out from mediocre engineering colleges on low wages and taking them to the US.



This will probably stop now as there are improved chances of others who have studied in renowned institutions and who have advanced degrees. However, there are not many who are not optimistic at the same time. Many IT professionals feel that “buy American hire American” order that will adversely affect Indian job-seekers where the order will seek highest skilled and paid labor to America. Under such circumstances, the US will block  h1b applications that seek low wages.

Thousands of Indian professionals are employed by American companies each year through these time limited work permits that are meant for engineers, computer programmers and scientists who are much sought after by Silicon Valley. The administration order says that there is a need for legislative approval that is aimed at the abuse of the existing US H1-B visa program and giving back the jobs to the American which formed the core of major campaign promises.

The US is offering a staggering 85,000 visas every year and most of them are snapped up by Indian outsourced whose employees want to fill the skill gap in US engineering in the form of h1b jobs. Applications that are vastly oversubscribed and are allocated visa a lottery system which the administration says is misused by Indian companies which are a charge firmly denied by the industry body NASSCOM. The reactions in India to the US move are however quite mixed. They feel that the new changes will actually help the Indians and while Indians are actually the biggest beneficiaries the expected change of the substantial increase in minimum salary level may force the companies to take away US jobs elsewhere to countries like India, China etc. The order is actually a blow to the workers in the sector and the morale of the employees has taken a beating. Get h1b and opt jobs now on

The main companies who are to blame for the violations are the service based firms and as a result product based firms are now suffering. Indians who are not getting H1-B visa extension every two years will find it difficult now and the US government is firm on restricting foreigners who are applying for regular jobs and the reviews are serious who are applying for extensions.

So when it comes to the case of fresh applicants unless the US government is satisfied with the credentials and the US companies are not able to find any alternatives for them will be difficult for them to get visas. But in the long run highly skilled professionals will only find it beneficial in the long run. Unless there is a reduction in the number of existing visas which is more than unlikely it is a good development for highly skilled and highly paid Indians.

Hindering the access to needed talent will only harm the American companies in the long run and it will hurt thousands of US businesses and their efforts to be more competitive by hindering access to the needed talent. Selective targeting is not going to help much as it accounts for less percentage of visas and salary levels as a metric is not necessary as the best indicator of US economy.  

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