H-1B visa more benefiting for US and India


The controversial US H-1B visa program which was widely criticized all over for taking away American jobs have provided a lot of economic benefits for both the US and India says popular reports and a study. The most controversial H1B visa program which has been widely criticized for costing the local workers who are Americans, is said to provide more economic benefits for both the countries says a study from the researchers at the University of Michigan and at the Centre for Global Development.

The incomes of both the countries combined because of the US Visa program has risen to billions and the total IT output too has risen steadily in few years. Coming to recognizing the negative repercussions for the workers the study also said that overall many US born employees are wealthier by many millions because of this program. Sponsorship jobs have risen and come down too in these years.

An average worker who belongs to any country is better off because of immigration and the US native workers have big gains only because of the visa program. The impact that the US has made on the economy of India is huge since the early 2000’s as the GDP rose, h1b visa database was full, jobs were created, a number of people continued to go to the US on lucrative jobs and settle there permanently. Back home they invested in all sectors and the economy boomed.

The visa program allows h1b sponsoring companies to employ foreign workers in specialty occupations and many Indian outsourcing firms such as Infosys, Tata Consultancy Services, and Wipro have always been the leading recipients of H1B visas which were used by the employees to work on the client sites in the US and the program was very much instrumental in the rise and rise of billion-dollar IT services industry. You can now get OPT and H-1B opportunities on www.simplyopt.com.

The approach has come under the fire in the recent years and the arrival of the new president saw a sea change in the approach as the new administration announced many measures to curtail the program’s use and to eliminate the abuse of the visa which was going on for long. The program has also been widely criticized in India too as it was causing too much of brain drain.

There are many who have taken up the issue with an assertion that the Indian workers too who are migrating to the US have led to a dramatic expansion of India’s technology industry and has widely contributed to the wide expansion of the skilled workforce throughout the country. Plenty of students have also switched to Computer Science and IT related engineering fields because of better prospects and those who did not migrate stayed back to help and boost the Indian IT services industry. 

There are some H-1B visa holders who have returned with additional knowledge to improve the sector and the increase in the productivity eventually allowed India to surpass the US in software and hardware exports. Immigration can lead to better technology being built and the overall productivity of other sectors too will improve and the consumers of IT and computer related goods will benefit from better software and hardware prices. 

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