Increase seen in wages of High-skilled foreign workers in the US

We all know recent reports of how the rules are being changed in the US regarding US H-1B visaand there was a bill that was to be passed too in favor of increasing the wages of the existing immigrant workers. The bill was however shot down and the good news for all is that presently High-skilled foreign workers are now receiving good salaries by their employers. Many tech firms all over the US are now giving more lucrative job offers to all says a study.

The median salary that was given to the workers of h1b visa sponsorship jobswas at $60,000 a year until recently and now it has increased to $80,000 a year when compared to the old figures. The pay rise for highly skilled personnel was coupled to which lead to an increase in demand according to USCIS statistics.

One of the most generous pay that was offered by US technology companies for foreign workers on h1b visa sponsorship were Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Apple who were leading the way with an average salary of $125K as per the study. CTS which is an IT firm based in New Jersey also had more than 20,000 applications approved for the fiscal last year when compared to other US firms.

The H-1B is a non-immigration visa that is granted to foreign workers who are highly skilled and employers who wish to hire them to apply for this visa on their behalf from the US Govt which are currently being granted through a lottery like a process and the white house is now drawing multiple plans to reform the program. Indians are said to be the top H-1B visa aspirants in the current fiscal year with more than 2.45 lakh applications. The total number works out to be at least 75% of the total applications until June 30th as the US fiscal year begins on October 1 and usually ends on September 30.

With Indians topping the list, China and Canada come close to it with respect to the number of applications. The US has received 3 lakh and above applications alone till June 30 of which only 1.90 lakh were approved. The USCIS which released the info said that there are many which are under pending approval. Most of the Indians are the ones who are flooding the portal as they get to benefit in terms of the numbers when it comes to visa approvals.

The technology sector continues to be the top contender for securing the visas and dominating the applications. This trend is set to continue owing to the current changes in the rules and the increase in wages is going to only increase the interest among people who wish to come to the US. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services or the USCIS has also begun different approaches to expand interviews so that it can focus on the benefits and allow the individuals to come into the country. When they conduct these in-person interviews then they can detect any frauds and for the sake of national security, they can make sure that only genuine people are granted a visa.



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