How Compromised Colleges In The Us Are Turning Out To Be Visa Mills

There were many colleges in the US who lost their accreditation last year and they are dubious colleges who have questionable records of educational quality. They continue to attract foreign students as they are relying heavily on them as students are now seeking a legal way to come into the US. Once they step on US soil these students will be remaining there legally for three years after they graduate through OPT which is Optional Practical Training for STEM graduates. Eventually other turn out to become illegal immigrants.

These colleges have a high percentage of foreign students sometimes who may be more than 95% according to reports. The business model that these colleges are those of the visa mills who attract foreign candidates who can spend in unique way. So many of them are designed this way and it is all done on purpose.

These colleges who are in the list are placed in California, Virginia, and Florida and they have been accredited by the Council of Independent colleges before the DOE yanked up the recognition of the agency and it must have shut long ago. OPT students who are enrolled at these schools must have borrowed on higher rates for the fees and are more likely to be normal on their student loans.

These colleges often tend to lax the requirements and the oversight of the students and the presidents of the colleges are owners or part time owners of the organizations which generally exist in just office buildings rather than in campuses that are associated with higher education. There are some colleges who have just classes on weekends so as to accommodate those who have work schedules. The loss of accreditation is proven to be a death sentence for a lot of colleges in the US because it cut off the federal loads for the students and that is not the issue for these schools who primarily serve foreign candidates as they are not permitted for federal mortgages anyway. The key here is that not having proper accreditation did not affect the flow of incoming students and they continued attracting more candidates.

The colleges also offered a viable pathway to the US for students who do not have any relatives and employers in the US who can sponsor them on behalf of legal residency. Many candidates attend the schools and not many return home or turn out to be illegal residents as the federal government isn't going to monitor such information. Data has also shown that they are the students from compromised colleges and are users of the OPT training program. Students from one of the obscure school have got so many OPT extensions from 2009 onwards that the candidates who are from the 8 ivy league schools combined.

Hiring the workers with OPT status is said to be more attractive to the companies is because they are said to consider students even if they do not attend classes anymore and the firms are excused from paying for public security and healthcare taxes on them. The universities which lack accreditation too can release I-20 forms to the foreign students who use them to submit an application for student visas at the US consulates in their respective countries. There is a fraud too that is associated with these applications and the rejection rates have doubled in the past few years. Reforming of the entire OPT IN USA  is the need of the hour and the US administration has to take stringent measures and root out the existing problems and pave way for better student life. 

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