H-1B Visa Alert: What is the RAISE Act all about


Last week the reforming American immigration for strong employment which was nothing but RAISE act has  aimed to cut immigration by almost half from the current level of more than a million green cards which have been granted a year. The evaluation of visa applications at the h1b database are now based upon merit giving more preference to people who have higher job skills or education. It has not yet become the law and similar such ACT’s and bills get introduced every year in the Congress  and what is important now is that Trump has singled out not only the bill but has also hand-picked the authors and have timed it to put the American needs first and America first.

The move will not be affecting other skilled worker programs like US H-1B visaor H2-B as the latter are employed all over the US in huge capacities. And the rival parties are floundering, Trump is now doubling down on sealing the emotional investment that the people have given him and voted him. The president along with Mr. Cotton turned the 2016 elections with one single thing which was immigration. The two competing candidates for elections have divergent views on this and this is the first time that Trump, as a politician made mincemeat of the other challengers over grueling months of the campaign and also beating the low-grade immigration, was his aim. Mr. Cotton who had humble beginnings has made it mainstream now in American political scenario and has become quite a rage.

Low-skilled migration and its effects on the working class families and wages which has nothing to do with business class travelers who are unscathed by immigration. The president is characterizing the immigrants who are coming to the US as low-skilled and dependent on aid saw figures and more than 40% of the immigrants who have arrived in the US for the past few in the past few years have a college degree which is much higher than the 30% if the immigrants in the US. At least 20% of them held an advanced degree and which is much higher than the US average. It is not the facts nor the data but the emotional core that has been tapped into and white identity when the immigration wave began in the 1960’s changing the country’s demography completely.

The RAISE Act is actually going to replace the current employment visa framework with skills based system that rewards the applicants based on their individual merit. The system rewards education, past achievements, sponsorship jobs offers, English language ability, entrepreneurial initiatives,  and the system are somewhat similar to the ones that are used in Australia and Canada. The Act will be reducing the overall immigration numbers to limit the low-skilled and unskilled from entering the US and the Act also prioritizes the immediate family members of the US residents which includes the spouse or minor children but will end the preference for extended family members and adult kids. US citizens who need to take care of elderly parents will be receiving a renewable and temporary visa for them. It also eliminates the visa lottery system and also limits the number of permanent resident status for refugees at 50,000 a year. 



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