Indian IT firms may benefit from new H-1B process

The US after a considerable amount of time will be resuming the premium processing of the US H-1B visa  petitions, six months after it is suspended in the month of March to clear its existing backlogs. This will be helping the Indian IT companies who are said to be the biggest users of the visas as they plan better projects and deal with any exigencies of any sort. Companies were making use of the premium processing to expedite their petitions by paying out an amount of $1,225 to process them over in addition to paying a regular filing fee of over $4,000. The USCIS too will guarantee that the processing of these petitions will take place under 15 working days or calendar days.


The latest move will be helpful on bringing the latest move back on the track of the H-1B program thus allowing the Indian IT firms to fast-track the applications to meet the urgent client deliverables. There are many H-1B sponsoring jobs that require fast deployment and companies used this way to gain easy and fast access. Now many companies are very glad that premium processing has resumed. Normal processing for the petitions usually takes many months to fully get processes and by paying the premium amount for processing companies and the employees can get an answer in about 15 days. This will be helping the companies as well as the employees to plan better and that, especially for time-sensitive projects. More than half of the applications are extensively using the premium processing.


Generally the employment date of start for the applicants generally for a fiscal US October 1st as this by expediting the case under the processing the employee can make sure that he begins work on October 1 itself. In the month of March, USCIS has begun to suspend the premium processing in order to process the long-standing petitions which are unable to be processed due to the large volume of incoming petitions and due to the surge in premium processing requests over the past few years.



In the statement that was issued a few days back, USCIS has clearly mentioned that the resumption of the premium processing is only being done or said to be carried out only for pending petitions and not for new subscriptions. Since it has received more than enough petitions in the month of April to meet the fiscal year 2018 cap of 65,000 visas. H-1B renewal cases or amendments too which may also be based on the change in job sites with the same employers can still not be filed under premium processing. Premium processing now remains temporarily suspended for all other H-1B petitions such as extensions of stay.


USCIS also said that in a statement that it plans to resume premium processing of all the remaining H-1B petitions which are not subject to the FY 2018 cap. The remaining petitioners have to submit a request to expedite their applications if they meet the specific criteria The USCIS may expedite the case only under certain criteria which includes several financial losses to both the company or the person, or whether in an emergency situation and for humanitarian conditions. You can now get latest OPT and H-1B job alerts on

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